Don't get fooled by "Big Cable".
You've probably heard some of these recently: "Watch your games live!", "See the latest shows on the road!" Maybe even "Watch your channel live with this app!" We hate to burst your bubble, but the cable companies aren't telling you the whole truth. Only Slingbox can deliver every bit of content from your TV to any of your Internet connected devices1. See how Slingbox compares below.
Make the most of what you already pay for, with no monthly fees.

Only Slingbox is 100% TV Anywhere.

Slingbox is the only way to watch 100% of your cable or satellite channels live, on any Internet connected device1—anywhere in the world. In spite of what the others promise, they are only able to deliver a fraction of what Slingbox provides.

We compared the Slingplayer app vs major service providers' apps. We looked at the number of channels delivered LIVE—to a phone, tablet, or laptop outside the home.

Percentage of live channels delivered
Live channels available vs. total channels of a premium package
51 of 329
172 of 470
94 of 260
62 of 200+
37 of 320+
0 of 33
Major networks2 available
1 of 15
1 of 15
1 of 15
Access all premium channels3 on one app
Worldwide access to all your channels
All channels live on 2nd TV with Apple TV®, Chromecast®, Fire TV®, or Roku®1
  1. Phones, tablets, and streamers require the Slingplayer app. Available for iOS and Android.
  2. Major networks include ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, The CW, UNI, ION, TEL, METV, UMA, Bounce, ETV, MFX, COZ, AZA
  3. Premium channels include: Cinemax, HBO, Showtime, Starz

All information is accurate as of July 9, 2015