Slingbox® 350
When does 350 = 365?

When you have Slingbox 350. Just because you can’t always catch the movies, sports, or TV shows from the comfort of your living room, doesn't mean you should miss them altogether. We wouldn't hear of it. So we created the Slingbox 350 so you can watch all your live and recorded shows, on your phone, tablet or laptop – from anywhere.

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Watch anywhere

Can't find a sitter while you go shopping? Slingbox. Layover in Louisville? Slingbox. You want live football not just highlights? Slingbox. No matter where you are, watch and control TV on your mobile devices live or recorded, over the Internet.

Stunning quality

Extend your living room TV experience in sparkling high definition video up to 1080p. Tune in your favorite programs on your tablet, phone, Mac, PC, or streamer + TV and enjoy your shows in the best possible quality.

Absolutely no monthly fees

You already have plenty of expenses to worry about. Our mission is to make things better, not more complicated. Only Slingbox lets you watch TV anywhere in the world without additional monthly fees.

Slingbox 350 features

  • Watch and control 100% of your live and recorded TV shows anywhere — in up to full HD
  • No blocked shows or games on any device, in any location. Watch your favorite shows and sports on all the channels you subscribe to, even when you're overseas
  • Never miss a final episode or live event. View them when you want, where you want
  • View and manage DVR recordings
  • Watch on a second TV anywhere via Apple TV®, Chromecast®, and Amazon Fire TV®*
  • Features Ethernet, composite and component in/out connections
  • Absolutely no monthly fees
  • Easy to connect and set up**

*Slingplayer for mobile devices is required. Available in the Apple App Store, Google Play, Amazon Appstore, and Windows Store.

**Slingbox requires a component (or composite) connection from your set-top box. If you don't have component outputs but only HDMI connectors, simply connect an HDMI to Component converter such as this one.

Only Slingbox delivers