Slingbox® M2
It's like having an entourage of entertainment

There's nothing we like more on a rainy day than curling up on the couch with a blanket and the remote. But when the sun resurfaces, so do we. That doesn't mean we should miss out on live TV; that just means we connect to Slingbox M2. Shows and channels follow us to the beach, the slopes, or the lake on our iPhone, Android, tablet, or laptop. So remember: SPF30 & M2.


Unlimited Slingplayer Apps

Watch 100% of your TV no matter where you are in up to full HD 1080p. Slingplayer app downloads are unlimited and free for all your phones and tablets.

Stunning quality

Extend your living room TV experience in sparkling high definition video up to 1080p. Tune in to your favorite programs on your tablet, phone, Mac, PC, or to another TV + streamer and enjoy your shows in the best possible quality. It's like having a box seat for an MLS goooooooal! or a seat in the salon for the WTF OMG moments on "Housewives of the O.C."

Absolutely No Monthly Fees

No kidding. No fees. Only Slingbox lets you take your entertainment anywhere in the world without additional monthly fees.

Slingbox M2 features

  • Watch and control 100% of the TV you already pay for on a tablet*, phone*, PC, or Mac with unlimited free apps
  • View and manage DVR recordings
  • Watch on a second TV anywhere via Apple TV®, Chromecast® or Fire TV®*
  • Connect via WiFi or Ethernet
  • Component and composite in/out
  • Absolutely no monthly fees

*Slingplayer for mobile devices is required. Available for free in the Apple App Store, Google Play, Amazon Appstore, and Windows Store.

Only Slingbox delivers