Slingbox® 500
TV 2.0

You're already paying for cable services, so why not stream them all through a single interface and watch them on your phone, tablet, computers and other TVs? The Slingbox 500 lets you watch live and recorded shows, movies and sports. No extra cable subscription, no monthly fees.

Slingbox: The future is nigh

Slingbox isn't made of technology. Slingbox is technology. We clocked countless hours in the lab to design a device to let you watch football live, pre-recorded programs, access local news while traveling, play TV shows for your kids in the car - virtually any content that tickles your fancy at home, Slingbox delivers anywhere in the world, on any device.

Slingbox 500 is easy to setup

Connect to set-top box and TV
Connect to WiFi
3. Follow the on-screen instructions

Don't have component outputs? No problem.

In order to connect your HD cable or satellite set-top box to your Slingbox, you need component outputs on your set-top box. If your cable or satellite box does not have component outputs, but only features HDMI connectors, then you can simply get an HDMI to Component converter. This will allow you to connect your set-top box to your Slingbox and watch your TV anywhere. Find out more here.